Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Weird Story

She kept on crawling over wall, and slipping on ground repeatedly. A small boy was staring at her for last few seconds. She was happy as she was blessing him with the same moral, her ancestors blessed the mighty king with. Keep trying, keep trying....never lose hope. She started crawling all over again, on that same wall and fell all over again. 

That boy finally took that little ant, drop her down and squeezed her bottom against the floor. He was just verifying what her school teacher told him that "HCHO i.e. Formic Acid, occurs naturally, and most notably in Ant's sting."  

Fluid stuck her to the floor and every attempt to move, went unnoticeable. Boy ran after examining that fluid, probably to wash his hand, but it doesn't seem that he'll return. 

Poor ant, was now resting her head on the ground,wasting her HCHO biting a piece of paper lying nearby and regretting over decision to pass her ancestors's morals to a 21st century mind.