Friday, June 15, 2012


Doors opened from behind, mingling the trapped lights with highly illuminated ones. A shattered voice came from a staggering old man.

"Beta, Do you know, where my glasses are?" asked old man.

"How do I know? And don't you see, I am busy in teaching 'Rahul'. Go back to your room, Shashi will give you when she find it" Ramesh urged.

"Yes, Where were we? Han "Explain in two sentences that, why your father is biggest asset for you in your life". Write the answer." continued Ramesh and dictated the answer to Rahul. 

Rahul blindly echoed his father's words on his Homework copy.

Door got closed, knocking the lights off again. 

Lesson was almost over, so as an old man's plea.  


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    1. Thank you so much Ruchita for your appreciation.....:)

  2. very nicely written!! almost forgot to visit your blog. let me check that 55 word fiction.

    1. This post wasn't turned out the way i wanted it to be....But still, thank you so much for your comment...:)


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