Friday, February 24, 2012

Salted coffee

Salted Coffee - 

Mohan and Chhavi, they both were in same college. Things were very complicated then, there were no mobile phones, no internet but yes the love was there, perhaps the true love. Then smiles were used to express thousand feelings, enormous emotions. These smiles were the only means of communication between them.
They both love each other but never expressed and how could they. Saying “I love U sweetheart” through a SMS was not an option then. Things ran with Pendulum clock but they remained struck to a smile.

Few Years Later –

College got over, now they both knew that they could not meet. Love never dies, but sometimes has to bury itself. That love might have buried somewhere but lives take turns and sometimes sharp.

Mohan got a bank job as a clerk and found chhavi there. They both went to a coffee shop that evening.
Mohan was exited and perhaps even more nervous. It was their 1st meeting outside the walls of their college. Waiter arrived after few minutes. They both ordered coffee.

After a pause mohan said to waiter-

 “Add some extra salt in it”

 Waiter asked “Sir, did you said SALT?”.

“Yes obviously. I said Salt”, Mohan replied.

Waiter left with a surprising face. 

Chhavi asked mohan

"Do you seriously like “Salt in Coffee” or this is all for just new experience"?

“I do love salted coffee, some has strange taste, I have too”. Mohan replied.

Coffees arrived after few minute and she kept looking at him until the last drop of that salted coffee reached his throat.

That coffee shop had now become their hangout place. Things got periodic. Same place, Same people, 2 coffees, among them one salted.

Days went passing and they both got married. Years after years, everything changed, the thing which didn’t was the “Salted coffee”.

Mohan died of blood cancer but he left a letter for her. Chhavi unfolded that letter.

Dear Chhavi,

Don't know how many days i have. The only thing i know is I never lied to you. Just one thing.................

Salted coffee......... I tasted it for the time when we met in that cofee shop. I was too nervous then and due to that nervousness my tongue slipped and instead of sugar i told him to add salt.Some extra salt.

I remembered that day you kept looking at me and that coffee became my best one till date although its taste was horrible. With passing days you and salted coffee became part of my life. 

You made my coffee the sweetest one.

Love you and will always..........................


Chhavi eyes burst into tears.

Now it's been years since mohan's death.

Mom, why you always drink coffee with salt..isn't it strange?, asked Chhavi's son.

“I do love salted coffee, some has strange taste, I have too” chhavi replied with a smile. 


  1. wow!! this is brilliant!! an excellent excellent story!!

  2. Thank u so much deb......but truly speaking this story is not mine but the words are ;)....i had read this story in class 7th.....I forgot it's most of the part but nt the climax...:D
    "JOB" is my first attempt at story.....:)

  3. I have read this before, but always worth reading again and again. not many people give importance to relationship these days!!

  4. Thanks Ranj.....Ya right, but still there are few and fortunately many of them are around me......:)


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