Monday, April 2, 2012

College Story (Part 1)


Hello friends,it's  me Ashish. A 3rd year students from a premier engineering college(this is what management say but i don't believe). It's been three years in this college and this blog is all about my story which moves through these years although i don't remember everything(damn humans-can only use 7% of their brain and believe me "i am a human") but still there are few things which i can never forget.Never in my entire life.

So the story began when i took admission in Git in the year 2009.GIT( stands for Global Institute of Technology although there is nothing global in it.But yes it is an institute of technology.(I personally don't feel this but others do).IT branch was alloted to me and i have no idea till now what this IT is all about.Neither i had any interest nor i see  IT for my future aspect.During programming i feel like a computer has been compelled by me to do a specific task which it doesn't want to do at all.And computer has excuses.ERRORS.An error had already occurred.(I got IT branch).


The only day i was exited about going college was the first day.Seetapura,oh my god,this is the location of my college,around 18 km away and my excitation got FUSSSS somewhere.I had never traveled so much for the sole purpose of STUDY.That was awry.I was on my dad's car and the countdown began for my entry into a whole new world,WORLD OF ENGINEERING.
Soon i entered into college.It was big and now it is even bigger.The growing height of buildings is the magic of recruiting the teachers which use to work full time by getting payment of half time and has the knowledge sufficient enough to satisfy the semi-curious brains of RTU students for one lecture.Actually educational system which we are going through has developed a super hit perennial job option, "TEACHING".Few losers teaches us.Among us few more losers(like me) grows and teaches many more.
I got into something philosophical.So getting back to the scene of my entrance into college.It was a nowhere to go situation.I was noticing open mouthed faces around me and i took no time in knowing that they were also looking for some kind of hint to head forward. 
Somehow i found my class.LH-6,yes that was my class.LH stands for lecture hall.Classes now got converted into lecture halls and that was the sound proof that my school life was OVER.
Class was half full with people looking straight and neglecting others as much as they can.I entered and decided to sit with a decent looking guy among crook faces(Although he turned out to be the biggest asshole later).
My eyes scanned every possible corner to get a view of those who would going to be with me for the next 4 years and then a voice came from my conscience, "WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM OF DAMN RTU ASSES" .
Soon we were summoned to the auditorium where so many speeches were waiting for our arrival.I got my seat and that was so small that it couldn't been able to hold my full bottom and i met with first challenge in college to bear the whole welcome ceremony with my ass hanging around ;( .
Speeches got started,principal sir was the first one to come and hold the mike and believe me,his speech was among the most horrible speeches a principal could deliver.Now came the turn of our respected seniors to address us.A senior who seemed to be practiced for the speech whole night couldn't found the appropriate words to describe himself as a genius.All i could figure out from his speech that he is the student of mechanical and won 1st prize in robotics.Thanks to few slides he showed which were more clearer than him.
So after few those scary speeches (which almost costs four precious hours of my life) i got a chance to stood up and my ass got a sigh of relief.

Nothing special happened that day and i began waiting for the second day of college.This time for girls.Don't know why i didn't noticed them on 1st day.Might be there were no girls who meant to be noticed.So finally the only hope by which i could kept stuck my bottom to the benches in this uninteresting college were the GIRLS.I had heard that, IT and CS has some of the finest stock of hottest Girls and what i had heard was not false completely.

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