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Fantasy-tic Goa - Part 1 (Journey)

The day had finally arrived. 16 in march of 2011's calender had been somewhere outdoing the previous days which kept me waiting for a fantasy,GOA. 

Few days before 16th march........

Packing bags, getting a list of things to buy and then actually buying it, didn't proved to be a headache. All we had to shop for, chaddis (for beaches and sun basking), T's, sandals, sunglasses etc. etc. 

I was in jaipur with ashwarya while ajwani brothers were in Kota. We had to board our train "Sampark Kranti Express" from there with ajwanis and Golu. So me and ashwarya with our respective luggage got Intercity and headed to a city of IIT aspirants , KOTA, a day before 16th march. 

It was around 6 p.m. when we arrived there. Danny (one among ajwanis) came to receive and drop us at manni's house. 
Kota has somewhere grown a unique, 24 hour with no weekend, lifestyle. IIT is the only dream this city has been chasing for past 14 years. High rise boardings (even beating the height of most of building structure), with the name of teachers whose font seems getting more attention then name of institute, pictures of  ultimate typical geeks with their AIR just below them,are the only advertising element in Kota. The coaching institutes there enroll a lot of bicycle ridden, newly grown mustache students every year. 

By getting the way through those hoarding and passing juice, tea and lot more student centric shops including cyber cafes which serve as hottest and CHEAP entertainment point (here cheap refers to both financial and moral term), we reached manni's home.

Next day we woke with 16th march which took most days to arrive.Sometimes calender get partial with us. The more we wait, the late it get.(isn't it??)

The clock got accelerated and we tried our best to keep ourselves in pace with it.We had our bags packed and things ready which includes a bunch of cigarettes,set of playing cards, home made and factory made edible items etc. 

At around 1 in afternoon,we all were reunited, Golu, Danny,,ashwarya and yes "SAMPARK KRANTI". We sneaked into SL-5, and got ourselves struck to our respective seats.

Train didn't took time to displace and we all were sat for Fantasy-tic GOA. Bakchodis without gaalis (as there were two senior citizens sitting with us) helped us to got away with few hours. 

You have had heard a lot about Danny, Manni, Golu ashwarya and now without much ado see the pictures below. Special thanks to Golu whose digicam walked hand in hand with us during whole Goa Tour.

The guy with 32 teeth smile is Ashwarya and other one is Manni who is in one of his best decent photograph 

             Boy with Lalu ji hairstyle is Golu and other one who is trying to get a pinch of focus beside Golu is Danny.

               We can endorse anything for free. In the photo,Ashwarya supporting the cause for promoting Indian toilets. 

Be Indian, Use Indian :-D

                                                                 OVEREXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except ME..............

After all those clicked moments and unusual talks in between, it was time for our early night meal. Everybody ate just enough to compensate the growling hunger and got ready to sleep. One of our seat was alloted in other coach. I had decided to go their. I found two foreign lady tourist on my seat. I conveyed them the message that the very same seat belongs to me.They responded gently and left. (I had noticed few thin papers in their hand and a powder as well. No doubt, they were taking drugs)

17th March -

We woke up shaking with train.Panvel had already passed and Ratnagiri was the next station where we could find our cup of tea.

Mudgaon was final destination of our train which was still 5 hours away from where we were. We had already decided to board a bus from Mudgaon to proper GOA, which was furthur going to take 4 odd hours. 

When even 9 minutes had been refusing to push itself we wondered how could we got away with this 9 hours journey.

A notorious group of Sardarjis, and delhilites was in the preceding couch.They were seriously funny people. 
Once when ashwarya got a little disbalanced while having a ciggrette, one from that notorious group was right behind ashwarya suspected that he might be taking Drugs. He said, "BHAI HAME BHI DO YAR KUCCH TAGDA HO TO, CIGARETTE PEE PEE KE DIMAAG KHARAB HO GYA HAI". :-D

After getting into discussion with people around us on train, we finally arrived to the decision to land in 'THIVIM' as we could got a taxi directly from there to Hearts of Goa. It was going to cut 6 odd hours from our journey and we took a sign of relief. 

When we were hardly one hour behind 'THIVIM' we noticed a foreign Girl on train. She had an ultra sexy figure, with a top deep enough to reveal her cleavage (WELCOME TO GOA) and a luggage which seemed to be bigger than her. Unknowingly, she stuck hundred of eyes that had been waiting to peep in what she didn't revealed. One among the delhilite went after her.He seemed to be in his full mood to make a chance with her (AADAT SE MAJBOOR). Our fantasy started running faster than wild horses. If this kind of superb item is on train then what we would going to get on Goa beaches, we thought. :-D

So finally, Sampark Kranti left after sampark'ing' us to 'THIVIM' and the that sexy Kranti (girl in above para) put a cold water on dreams of that delhilite by smooching tightly her Boyfriend (who had came to receive her) right in between hundreds of people.    

Talking about the station, it was small, with a bunch of Tamil type disciplined people. We helped an uncle and aunt with their luggage and came out from station after barely walking few yards. The temperature evaporated our fluid of exitation which seemed to be crossing 40 degree centigrade. Getting a taxi is not a headache there. There is nothing like bargaining, you just have to get a ticket to enjoy Goa's taxi ride.

Taxi driver seemed to be a typical goan with a black complexion and talked just enough to satisfy the demand of the question. 

He took us to the apartment where we met with the owner who was slim,height almost 5'8' feet, very decent guy.He treated us like his guests. He took us to the room which was on 3rd floor,opened the lock (Yes,this was what we wanted). 2 grand completely cleaned rooms,proper ventilation, a beautiful scenario from balcony,these all well justified 1000 rs a day for stay.

After getting a quick bath we all put ourselves on goan roads and what a time to start with. It was around 3, the atmosphere was superb. We decided to go to "CALANGUTE beach" which which was at walking distance from where we were.For the first time i walked around 1 and half kilometers without any complaint. The way to Calangute was completely filled with goan students,shops selling petrol (it's legal in goa to keep petrol on shops for selling purposes.There were no petrol pumps nearby so people hiring Bikes or activas used to buy petrol from these shops. A bit costly but still a win win condition for both parties), and other tourist.With the help of continuous guidance from the local people we reached the Beach.

Calangute Beach

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! What a view..............................Simply stupendous!! A sea was in front of us.Unimaginably big, silent Sea. Waves were high, trying to gave few breathe to his mother 'sea' but still there was a silence. The cool breeze was enough to beat the heat of sun. This was a tribute to Shakespeare.

Now here comes the honey singh flavor....................

Loads and loads of girls in bikini, and our heart skipped few beats. Thousands of them, some getting their pictures clicked with a background of sea, some were busy exposing their bodies to sun,some getting massages from locals while some with their partners,many of them were just relaxing. 2 pieces were all around us and our eyes slammed every chance to get shut. Male fantasy tightened us from top to bottom (specially bottom) and this is what exactly happen when few sexually backward FTV obsessed guys got a chance to see "Midnight Hotties" on a bright sunny day in the front of the eyes. Beautiful beaches just acted as catalyst for pushing us in our best mood ever and the only reaction which came was "BHENC***D YE TO JANNAT HAI YAR".........

                                               Enjoying on beach chair
(Others use it for sun basking by paying rent of 100 per hour and we used it for free after sunset)

                                                           Danny bhai (Trying to be getting into a pose)

     Everybody in their cheerful mood (Except manni bhai who  doesn't seem to spoil his MARD kind look for just a pic)

We took beers from a beach shop. It was an amazing feel to dip my feet under the cold beach's sand and enjoying even colder beer.CHEERS!!!! 

After all those moments, we left calangute.

This was all for part 1. Next blog will be all about what had happened next???? Keep reading and be a member.........You just have to click on Join this site icon on sidebar.

Au revoir..............

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