Monday, April 2, 2012

College Story(Part 2- A fruitless English Lesson)

Now it’s been few days since I started going college but the faces were still strange. The only progress that I had made in these days was, i had fixed a seat for myself, somewhere in middle of the class.
First lecture was used to be of English.

Shalini yadav was the teacher. Don’t know why but English teachers are the only ones in traditionally backward Indian colleges and schools who seem to be more interested in making sit a girl next to a boy. May be these teachers somewhere develops a British kind mentality that, by just making them sit together, they both would not develop sexual arousal. Shalini mam’s tendency was the same. She had noticed the Wagah Border between opposite genders and instantly came up with an idea of an activity to develop interaction among unsocial animals who were sitting in our class, although indo-pak friendship seemed to be easier than that. The basic plot of that activity was to first divide the class among small groups and then every group had to prepare an advertisement of the product they allotted to.

I had one and only friend Shaleen that time(Later he joined CS through 2nd counseling).Unfortunately we were allotted to two different groups. It was the group of 5 students. 5 students, me, an unbearably shy girl, a boy who was even more shy, a girl with great assets and has enough to pull me away from what I was in that group, and another girl (who turned out to be a complete trauma later).I went to mam ’s desk and pull out a piece of paper and undo it’s folding to discover the brand we had to endorse. JEANS was written in bold letters. “What the hell we can do in order to advertise for jeans”, I said to others. With their faces I grasped the thing that they all are good for nothing. Beauty with brains was not the case with that girl with great assets. My mind like unruly hounds started running. It produced few disastrous results too.

Me in a lonely room, with a jeans and a bare chest. A  girl entered(you know who).Looking at me, CAME CLOSE AND UNDOING THE ONLY BUTTON of my jeans. Background voice, ”CHANDIMAL JEANS----------PHNOGE KAM UTREGI JYADAA”……tannnnnnnnnnnnnn taaannnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa……

Unfortunately I was in college. Such things were impossible. The only option I left with was to change the product. 2nd time we got CHIPS as our new product. Got our planning and on the same time watched others performing .Again the students proved themselves as complete disaster. Their acting talent was even worse than their CROOK FACES. We didn’t got any chance to show our talent, time got up and she left the class abusing our group for continuously disturbing peace and harmony(which was never there in the entire period).I felt cheated, don’t know why.
The students got rearranged. Girls occupied their seats so as to maintain a maximum possible distance they could from boys. Boys were not the exception. Actually interaction among boys and girls just after few days of college is just a pseudo concept. In India, students feel more comfortable marking comments on opposite sex rather than just go and talk like attitude. Exceptions has to ignore the questions like”BABHI SE KAB MILWA RHE HO” “FANTI HAI KYA WO TERI?” “MAAL TO TAGDI HAI.KAISE PTAYI?” etc. etc.

Moral of the story -  Efforts of our respected English teacher went mark less.

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