Monday, April 2, 2012

College Story – (Part - 5)

I seriously got addicted to this blog world now. I had already posted 4 parts of college story and a short romantic kind of story “Salted Coffee”.  The latter took 7 hours.

Pageviews crossed 250 mark in just 10 odd days. Thanks again to all the visitors.

The matter could be disturbing for some of you.   

Now it’s been almost a year in GIT. Ridiculous college, Boring students, Subjects like hell, all these were became grown weeds. My life turned into a pendulum clock. “TO and FRO”. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick……….till few people got themselves introduced in my life. Among them were ;


Dinesh Ajwani – Famously recognized as “danny”, he topped the list of guys I used to hate the most, for entire 1st year. His eyes to me were like a CCTV camera followed me everywhere, recording my each and every movement but now his is among my best friends.

Manish Ajwani – Cousin Brother of “Danny”, we use to call him “MANNI”. I found his way, the most unique one.

 Look at his personality sketch, Ultra low jeans with sometimes underpants peeping out, Pumped up stomach with a embryo of 6 month, a “kada” in his hand which he use for either opening the beer bottles or getting rid of itching irritation, cell phone directory full loaded with contact number of girls of GIT (although he personally never use to talk to them. These numbers might have been just for serving other "Roadside Romeos") are few of his trademarks. I saved his name as “Manni gundaa” in my phone’s directory because of a sort of his resemblance with typical Indian movie Gundaa. (Sorry manni :( )

I had already told you about ashwarya.

During 2nd sem I had nothing to do with Ajwani brothers. Sinddhi bond might have been the reason behind ashwarya’s interaction with them.

Me, ashwarya, anvita, maitrey,umang and another girl I don’t want to take name of, was used to be our friend circle then. We spent our whole 2nd  sem in college canteen and in fusion cafe. Bunks became quite often then.

Actually any group became worst when love invades it and this is what happened with us. A later entry of a “black freak” disturbed the dynamics. Now, group of 6 with an increment became 7 and when it got divided among pairs, leaved 1 as remainder behind and that 1 was “me”. Some tragic stories followed with newly bonded couples then which I don’t want to write in blogs. (Frankly speaking, I don’t remember. Do you ashwarya.?? ;) )

Time went slipping and things were not the exception. In the beginning of 3rd sem, Ajwani brothers were already in with “Golu” as additional friendly bonus. Partying and night outs with them had now become frequent. Beers became a regular customer, at my every night out with them. Danny manni’s room, ashwarya’s home(when his parents were not there) were some of our boozing points.”TUBORG” emerged as our favorite brand. Two beers per head was the pre-settled standard by us, as 1 bottle normally used to get evaporated while wetting the throat and other for setting up the required mood (Called “SUROOR” in our terms). The whole drinking ceremony was the matter of nearly 2 to 3 hours. We use to drink and dance and then drink and then dance untill somebody vomit. Vomiting after drink became common with me and ashwarya. (One day I was so drunk that I sat in the bathroom of ashwarya’s home and slept there. :D. On the same day danny wasn’t even left with enough stamina to go to bathroom to vomit. Result, he painted the floor and filled the bedroom with an unbearable smell. Thank god for the skills he got, as the next day he didn’t left a bit of it in the room. Yakkkkkk!!!!). In one more incident when we all were boozing together at danny's room, manni who was fully drunk, was caught by his landlord(kaala-aadmi) for peeing in front of his house. Kaala aadmi soon got aware of the reason behind manni’s such kind of anti social behavior. :D .After being constantly abused by neighbours and land lord danny manni left their room and settled in a flat later. 

Soon after all this and few more drink and driving other crazy incidents, we all got our self fully packed for the memorable GOA tour. What made it so special? In the next blog……………Till then bbye….and say no to alcohol. ;))))

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