Monday, April 2, 2012

College Story – (Part - 6)

Getting the right start has always been a problem to me while writing blogs. Don’t know for how many times I had struck the right node? There is little discontinuity among the series of blogs under the title "College Story" because unfortunately the events occurred were not in A.P. with constant spaces between them. So please ignore a sort of randomness.

One more thing, if you seriously like my blog then you can be a member. You just have to click on “Join this site” icon on sidebar. Special Thanks to our near dear Dadaji (Prachi Shukla) for pointing out grammatical mistakes which had crept in previous blogs J (I am horrible in grammer.)  

So without troubling you much I am getting a start.

Nights, Beers, Porns (Do not react with mouth wide opened) etc. almost engulfed our 3rd sem. (With our I mean to say, we five friends, me, danny, manni, ashwarya and golu).

Nahargarh was among few places where we used to go on our night outs in third sem.   

Let me tell you something about Nahargarh, Nahargarh came into lime lights after the shooting of an Indian movie “Rang de Basanti” and no doubt the scenes shot at there turned out to be best part of the movie.   

Have a look J ---------


(The scenes include, a ride to the top of nahargarh which would take your half an hour, taal on which sukhi fell and Dj survived after beer game (DIM LAK LAK, DIM DIM LAK LAK) and stairs circling the very same taal.)

We were not the regular customers for nahargarh but we always preferred to go there at night with Beers on back. You could imagine how it feels to be at 750 feet above ground with a view of whole city enlightening in front of you, when soothing breeze staining your mind and your throat is soaking Beers. DIM LAK LAK,DIM DIM LAK LAK……………. :-D

Putting aside few exceptions, the night life in Jaipur for a middle class college going student is somewhere below average (There are lot of night clubs in jaipur but we didn’t got any chance or in strict terms never had left with that much money to sneak into any of them). For us night life in jaipur was all about getting a decent food at around 12’o clock after getting drunk, then speeding bikes on never ending silent roads, finding a ‘thadi’ which could offer ‘tea’, cigarettes and Twenty – Twenty, stopping there, lit cigarette, gutting tea with proper interference of Twenty – Twenty, getting into few absurd looking conversation (called “BAKCHODIS”) which equally accompanied with MAA-BHEN gaalis, talk on hottest gossip from the air of GIT which used to lengthen our Bakchodis and lot more…………

Those night hours when 99% of jaipur’s population was on bed, we were having the best moments of entire college life. No damn people to think of, no overcrowded roads with human looking even more miserable than bugs, no running hours, the only thing which used to be there was us, and those hours used to gave us full access to our freedom. Do what you want, shout as louder as you can, live the way you want to live, there were no one to stop you. But yes, “PETROLLING POLICE” they kept us under hunt although there were no undesirable incidents till then (TILL THEN, but unfortunately there is one now).

After all awaragardi on roads we used to left with no choice other than heading to room, but the dramas were endless. Few among us with no sign of sleep usually had the duty to not let others sleep, by constantly giving them hiccups, by even sometimes jumping on them (obviously in order to hurt), slapping lightly and saying “BHAI YE DIN FIR NHI AAYENGE”

Those having their eyes dipped in sleep used to reply “ BHAI YE DIN FIR AANE BHI NHI CHAHIYE”.

Till four in morning we all use to be in our respective sound sleeps.

With clock turn 10, it was the time to say hello to world. We all used to get up, hold brush straight away and rubbing against the teeth in order to erase the edible evidence that had left struck last night.

Sipping tea from nearest possible tea stall was usually our last stand of an amazing night out.

This was all for my part 6 of college story. I suspended the blog about our trip to goa. It would be on next blog. Till then bbye….Keep reading, keep smiling………J   

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