Monday, April 2, 2012

College Story - (Part 4)

Now it’s my 4th blog. The day when I wrote my first blog I was not sure about other parts of college story. Thank you to few of my regular blog visitors from India, my class mates (Maitrey Sharma, Animesh Sahu, Ashwarya Keshwani, Umang Rathi), and few others.

Things went simpler now (except C language which went getting worse and worse with growing days). We were few more months older in college now. Canteen started getting more attention than lectures.

During breaks the canteen used to get flooded with poverty stricken students, thus I made full use of it during lectures. Labs were interesting then, especially of workshop where muscles talk more than brain. I was lacking in both. C turned out to be a nightmare for me. Ruchi mam was our C teacher and students seemed to grow more attention in her then the subject.

Things seemed to be getting more and more flattened with passing days. The only guy I used to talk was Ashwarya (although our friendship was very formal then). Don’t know why but I shares a very strong link with Sindhis since class 8th. Every sindhi has “ni” as a common attribute to their surname. I got admission into Sadhu Waswa'ni' Public School which was full of sindhis including the trustees, the students, office staff. So I had completed my school days among mangtaNI, tulsiyaNI, tolaNI, mansukhaNI, paryaNI, gunwaNI etc etc. Once again another sindhhi was by my side “Ashwarya KeshwaNI ” although this saga didn’t stopped here as later my friend circle grew with two more sindhis, “Dinesh AjwaNI” and his brother ”Manish AjwaNI”. And yes, how can I forget “RamaNI” (our HOD).

My friendship with him (Ashwarya) grew simply due to his “Do not care” attitude (That time I needed one like him as others I used to talk to, seemed to be more interested in a girl, as according to them something was going between us two). He had nothing to do with my stuff (don’t take it the other way. With “my stuff” I mean to say my issues or my matters) and the reason might have been his cell phone which was even more busy than Bombay Metro. He kept his eyes glued to the screen and his fingers refused to spare any button of the keypad for even a second. I was a novice in this field and my mobile has nothing to do with chat or calls and it used to beep only to show a “LOW BATTERY”. On asking ashwarya about, who keeps him so busy he used to come up with the same answer everytime “Bhai hamare chahne wale bhot hai”.  He had his own way to beat the boredom of college but I didn’t have any.

Lawn became a hub for interaction and few retro style romances started showing their color at the very same place. Undoubtedly, the market of love started selling the hottest gossip among the freshers. Guys usually have a talent to instantly fell in love with the girl who either approached them or the responds them when got approached. Hence the love policy of boys is in accordance with a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. On the other hand, girls…………………………. (I can’t say anything; they do not have pre defined rules. They are psychos).  Unbalanced sex ratio has done a serious joke with boys. It didn't spare the boys of our class either. There was nearly 1 girl for every 4 boys (Unlucky mechanical, they just got one girl in class of 66 although later they all seemed to develop special interest in IT girls). Few got lucky, few sat foreign links, few chooses to remain single while few kept a fictitious hope to try for junior in the coming year.

Getting back to me, Midterm marks consistently gave me the worst nightmares of 1st semester. I never crossed 50 out of 120 in these tests. Just getting passed became the new preference and this was the only thing giving me the feel of being into college. The result was sufficient enough to sum up my achievement in college. BACK got entitled to me and for the first time I was feeling like a complete loser in my life. Getting back to normal state was proved to be a matter of few days. After these few days things got completely changed, what had happened, in my next blog……

This is all for the part – 4 of college story. Feel free to leave a comment. Keep reading. Keep smiling. ;)))) Bbyeeee…….!!!!!!

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