Friday, April 6, 2012

Fantasy-tic Goa

"GOA" had always been a dream for me. AAhhhh!!!! Ordinary looking words na? But this is how I could best explain my anxiety.

This Goa trip became possible after we (with 'we' i mean to say we five friends) got 7000 rs. as refund from our generous college.With 5 friends, 7,000 got its multiplier '5' which took our sum of money to 35,000.With the proper guidance of 'Google Baba' we arrived to the conclusion that Goa is pretty much possible with the resources we have.

We reserved our tickets in a sleeper coach of Sampark Kranti Express.Shopping didn't turned out to be a headache this time.With bags packed,shoe tightened and we were all set for a 'Fantasy-tic Goa Experience'.

Our lovely train gave us a smooth ride as we got our snacks,tea,biscuits at proper times and fellow passengers were as good as 'us' (Were we really good? Yes,might be.). After a journey of 22 odd hours,we finally reached 'Thivim' (a small but favorite landing station for goa tourists). We managed to get a taxi from Thivim. Drivers there are not 'Bakbak' types contrary to the drivers in Jaipur.The driver of our taxi seemed to be a misanthrope and talked just enough to satisfy the demand of our questions which were expecting a better response. What i think is 'most of goan people are like him but still they are sweet' :) .

We got a proper place to stay.It was an apartment with rent which we could easily afford.After spending an hour or so in apartment we left for 'Kalangute Beach' (among the most famous beaches of goa).By getting us on goan roads we felt like, this place belongs to somewhere else but not to India as there were nearly 5 foreigners for every Indian.

Calangute Beach - (also known as 'Queens of beaches')

For the first time my eyes witnessed a beach and a gigantic gorgeous sea.Waves were as calm as my mind and was staining my feet as i walked along the shore.Wet sand just acts as a catalyst for the kind of pleasure i was having.We spent around 3 hours there and believe me,those hours were the shortest three hours of my entire life.

Glimpses of those 3 hours :-

Relaxing on Beach 'Jhoola Chair'(This is what i call it).It was free! free! free!

Beach Chair - People pay 150 rs./hour for using it for sun basking
We enjoyed it for free after sunset. :-D

Good bye Calangute

We left calangute after all those moments.

At the end of the day our body got completely tired.We fueled it by having a good diet and headed directly to our apartment.

Day - 2   

We woke up at around 11.00 a.m.Few morning formalities and then we sat for our first breakfast in goa that came in the form of Tea, 'Gobhi Ke Paranthe' and 'Dahi' at the restaurant nearby.

Morning Moments

After our breakfast we decided to grab 'activas on rent' so as to wander more freely in Goa.We hired 3 scooters and left for 'Baga Beach'.

'Baga Beach' is famous for watersports like para-sailing,Jet ride,Banana ride etc. and that's why has a majority of Indian Tourists.

Baga Live - Sometimes crowd just adds to fun

 The most busiest beach of Goa and a hit among Indian Tourist.Watersports is all it dedicated to and thus missing any watersport was contradictory with our wish list.

Gearing Up for a Ride
Here's Banana Ride - SCARY? Yes it was.

The concept of banana ride is unique.We sat on a tube (has shape like banana).That tube then tied to a motorboat with the help of a rope.That motorboat took the banana with us and flipped it in the middle of sea.We sat on it again and the same repeated 3 times.That was a scary but still an amazing experience.

It's para-sailing

Have you seen Jurrasic Park - 3? In that movie, a father and his son landed on an unknown island full of deadly creatures after an accident, while para-sailing.The same thought terrified me and i know,that was stupid.

 With the sun getting red it was the time to say goodbye to such a beautiful day. 

Goan nights are even more happening than the day.Clubs and bars, pumps the air of excitement resulting in lively nights of Goa although we didn't sneak into any.Instead sitting on shore of Baga Beach and listening to an amazing sound of waves (which sometimes even sprinkled the shower on our face), was more hilarious for us.

It's Baga - Even more soothing in night

There were few more moments and many more photographs.Come to my home,i will show you all. :-D
No doubt,the moments in goa turned out to be unforgettable.

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  1. Looks like you had a nice time. That's what happens when you GO GOA! Good luck for the contest.

  2. Ya we obviously had....thanx for your wishes abhyudaya...:)

  3. looks like u guys freaked out !!!! w'ful description along with the lovely photos !

    1. Ya almost....I haven't described even half the fun we had there...:) Well thanks for comment. :)

  4. Extremely well written and informative blog supported by very professional looking photographs. I was getting a feeling of reading a brochure of Goa with very vivid description. This years Christmas will be celebrate in Goa.

    thanks a lot for sharing
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    1. Thank you so much gereth....Glad you liked the post....And yes, Goa would be the best choice for Christmas....:)

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