Monday, April 2, 2012

The Confidence


Once, few of the respected professors from all over Indian universities (including RTU) were invited to take a ride on newly made advanced airplane.The bunch of those super glad professors arrived at the scheduled time.They were exited as for the first time any company had given them the chance over businessmen or the researchers to take a ride of such an advanced technological giant airplane.They entered into the plane and took seats as far as possible with each other.
After a short while a women arrived.She whispered something secretly to every professor sitting there.Few minutes later when plane got ready to take it’s first flight a professor stood up and said “I forgot an important work.I have to go.” and then he left.After few seconds another one announced “Sorry,just now i got a news from my wife.My mother-in-law had a heart attack.I have to leave” and he left too.
In around half an hour some more unusual excuses came and everybody left except one,a RTU professor.The company’s crew gathered and applauded him for the kind of confidence he had in his students.One among the crew said “Sir, we made a secret announcement to every professor ,who were sitting here, that the propeller of this plane has been designed by the students of their own university.None of them has the confidence over their students and due to the fear of a crash they left, but not you.”
The RTU Professor responded  gently “Yes,i have confidence over my students.As soon as you announced that the propeller has been designed by students of RTU, i was pretty sure that this plane is not even going to fly and if it can’t even fly then how it could crash." :-D

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